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Training Shoes

Although many people may think that one pair of training shoes is much like another, a professional sportsman or perhaps even many amateurs would wish to correct them. Each sport requires different parts of the body to have different strengths which means, different exercises are needed in order to prepare them for that sport. Whilst some exercises may not place extra tension on one part of the foot and therefore that part of the trainer, another exercise may. You could therefore very rapidly get through a pair of trainers if they were not specifically designed to withstand those particular exercises.

Not only that but if the trainer does not have the extra strength exactly where it is needed, it may cause the foot to be injured. There had already been designed training shoes for most sports but as crossfit was a relatively new sport, no special equipment, until recently, had been designed for it. Today though there are now shoes especially designed to take the rigors of crossfit training. Cross fit is said to be the sport of fitness as it does not need any particular skill sets other than to be extremely fit. When I say that a participant in crossfit competitions needs to be extremely fit, I do not mean in just one set of muscle groups, I mean in every muscle group. Cross fit training is perhaps the most strenuous of any sport as it combines every area of fitness not just exercises but also weight lifting and preparations that usually only martial artists would consider undertaking.

Cross fit probably started with the training of specialized law enforcement officers or special combat units in the military. These very specialized units could never know what they may be faced with next and so had to train for and prepare for whatever situation their next call may require of them. Of course in those early days of what has now become known as crossfit training, they did not have any special Crossfit shoes and so probably had to undergo their training in their regular combat boots. It was probably when these specialized forces started to leave either the military or their law enforcement units, they continued their training regimes which they had become so used to.

Either they were seen by others in a gym or perhaps they even became gym instructors themselves but either way, civilians who saw the routines were impressed enough to want to try and imitate them. As more and more people started to exercise in this manner, groups formed and then started to compete against each other to see which group or person was becoming the fittest and most able to withstand this rigorous set of exercise regimes. Of course the next thing to follow was that this competitiveness began to acquire sets of rules and those in turn had to be checked and so strict regulations were introduced an basically, a new sport had emerged, one that tests extreme fitness and endurance.