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Protecting Privacy

Today it is more important than ever that we protect our privacy as the incidents of identity theft keep increasing. As we are forced to place more and more of our personal information online, the opportunities for people to commit identity theft becomes easier and so as we place more information online, it is up to us to protect our own privacy, something which far too many of us do not do, leaving ourselves open to this new emerging crime. Of course, many of the thefts take place due to websites being hacked and that often is beyond our control, other than taking all the precautions against hacking that we can but there are many instances where identities have been stolen without any actual hacking taking place.

These thefts take place because we are not vigilant enough when we use our laptops or other devices outside the confines and privacy of our homes. Regardless of whether you are using a PC, laptop or even handheld device, the images on the screen do not just become available to be seen directly in front of the screen but also to either side. This is why often when using a laptop whilst traveling, someone sat next to you may ask “what is that” as they indicate something on your laptop’s screen. Just as an airline passenger sitting next to you can see what is on your screen, so can someone sitting next to you on a bus, train or perhaps just in the terminal.

Fortunately today, it is possible to protect our privacy from these somewhat nosey fellow passengers and how we can do that is by placing either temporarily or permanently, a Privacy Screen on our laptop. These screens, sometimes also known as privacy filters, narrow the arc of light that is displayed by the screen of our device, meaning only those sat directly in front of the screen can see what is on it, everyone on the periphery will only see a blank black or gold screen. These screens are very reasonably priced and in any case, even if they weren’t, would be far cheaper than having our identity stolen.

There are several companies that now make these screens and so between them there are now screens of this type for every PC, laptop or another device you may have and so if you intend to use any of those devices outside the privacy of your own home, it is advisable to get a screen to properly protect yourself from identity theft. Even if you only use a laptop in your office, if that office is shared with others, it may also be advisable to be safe rather than sorry.

These screens can also protect confidential company information on a laptop being used by a businessman on a business trip and so any businessman expecting to travel should have a screen fitted to their laptop. The screens will usually come complete with the attachments to either install them temporarily or permanently onto your device.