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The Cure for Fidgety Fingers

Since 2016 there has claimed to be a cure for those people with fidgety fingers; well not really a cure but something that can keep them occupied without doing any harm. This solution is by using what are known as fidget spinners and you can learn more about them online, especially on YouTube where they have recently been featured a lot. These are gadgets that spin like crazy when just touched by a finger, and by touching them, people tend to stop biting their nails, tapping their fingers or cracking their bones, all of which can be irritating. As well as giving your fingers something to do, it is claimed that these spinners can also increase your concentration and so although classed as a toy; they are being bought by many adults for use in their office as well as by kids as toys.

Probably the biggest buyers of these spinners though are students who claim by using them in their classrooms improved their concentration capabilities. This claim by students though is being disputed by their teachers as the teachers claim, even if it does increase a student’s concentration, it also distracts them at the same time as they often look to see what is happening to the spinner instead of looking at what they are being shown. This is an ongoing controversy which has not been nationally ruled on and so for the moment at least, schools will have to make their own decisions as to whether or not they allow their students to bring spinners into the classrooms.

The manufacturers also claim that these spinners may be able to assist with people’s mobility skills or at least those of the hands and fingers and that they may even be of assistance to those people that have mobility disorders. There may be good cause for them to be making these claims but as of yet no hard scientific or medical research has been carried out to support the claims. As far as the controversy in classrooms is concerned there may be one solution that could please both sides, students and teachers, and that solution is by the use of what are known as fidget cubes. Fidget cubes, like fidget spinners contain ball bearings which make them spin very fast and easily but due to the design of the cubes they are not as distracting to the eyes as the spinners are. This means that although they could offer the same advantages of increasing concentration in students, the teachers may be happy that they do not offer the same level as distraction as the spinners do.

These spinners and cubes have become somewhat of a new craze over the past year and so they look like they will remain popular for at least another year or two but like all crazes which have passed before, after that they may just be relegated to being popular past activity, just as the hula hoop or rubic cube have become today.