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When a shooting enthusiast is looking to buy a new scope for their rifle, at one time they may not have looked further than the famous Leupold or Aimpoint brands but today these famous brands have some serious competition. That competition comes in the form of an American company which was founded in 2002, Vortex optics and is rapidly gaining a reputation for delivering scopes with quality optics at very competitive prices. One of the Vortex Company’s most popular scopes is the Vortex Spitfire but what is the best Vortex Spitfire 3X scope? Basically the Vortex Spitfire is a scope which at a price of only around $500, has optics comparable in quality to scopes which are far more expensive, perhaps even as much as $2000.

It is lightweight only weighing 12.2 ounces and so although not as light as the Trijicon ACOG which only weighs 9 ounces, it is still more suitable for hunters than most other scopes which can weigh as much as 3 pounds. The reason why hunters prefer the lighter scopes is because they have to carry their weight as well as the weight of the rifle, sometimes for miles and so do not want their arms to be any more tired than they have to be as it may affect their aim. The Vortex Spitfire is also very rugged, able to withstand rough treatment like it may receive during a long and strenuous hunt. Although it is water resistant, some users have said they would have preferred it to have been fully water proof but those complaints are few and far between as a water resistant scope is adequate for most people.

Some scopes of course are especially made for certain rifles and so it is always best to try and find a scope that has been especially designed for the type of rifle you use but if you can’t find one, at least ensure that the scope you do buy, has a similar attachment to your rifle as the snugger the fit the better your aim. Check that if you prefer red dot aiming rather than cross haired aiming, the scope provides that so you can be at your best with your equipment. You should also ensure you are happy with the eye piece as they came in various types and sometimes one type can be an annoyance and in the worse scenario, could even cause you to injure your eye. Going back to the more expensive scopes; yes they usually are good and have excellent optics but often what you are paying the extra money for are special features that you may never use and so are not really worth the extra expense. Regardless of which scope you decide to buy, as you get used to it and accustomed to its size, weight and how it sits on your rifle, your shooting should continue to improve. Don’t forget though, I you buy a new rile, you may also have to change your scope to one that is compatible to it.